Guangdong Shanfeng Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. (GDSF) is an enterprise owned by foreign investor, which has scores of years of experience in fabrication of pressure vessels.

l      Design and fabrication of large pressure vessels of stainless steel and special metals.

l     Design license for pressure vessels of class I, II and III. Fabrication license for low and mid pressure vessels of A2-III and heads of A3; ASME U-stamp Certification; ISO9001-2000 Certification.

l      Good process and technology of fabrication of pressure vessels of stainless steel and special corrosion resistant materials.

l      A team of 360 high quality employees, among which are 80 engineers and about 200 technicians covering different technical fields.

l      A fabrication yard of 26000 m2, including the workshops of 20000 m2 for pressure vessels of stainless steel and special materials, enclosed clean workshops of900 m2 and the workshops of 3000 m2 for cutting and surface preparation.

l      Imported large-size head rolling equipment, plasma/TIG/MIG welding machines, automatic welding machine for tube-sheet, NC plasma cutting under-water machine and NC drilling machine.

l      Professional fabrication of all kinds of reactors, towers, evaporators, tubular heat exchangers and tanks of stainless steel and special corrosion resistant materials.

l      Annual out put is 5000 tons.

l      GDSF has participated, by designing and fabricating thousands of sets of large reactors, towers, heat exchangers and tanks etc., in the construction of international and domestic large projects in or of such as Nanhai Shell Petrochemicals, Shanghai BASF, Yangtze BASF, Bayer, Nantong Baotailing, Yangtze Acetamide, BP-Amoco Zhuhai Chemical PTA, Xianglu PTA, Zhejiang Yisheng PTA, and Zhejiang Hualian Sunshine PTA etc.

l      GDSF serves petroleum, chemicals, light industry, medicine, paper making, biology and beer brewing. Its products have been sold all over China and as far as to Europe and America.

l      GDSF¡¯s joint venture ¨CZhongshan Zhonghua Tank Container Co., Ltd, has technology imported from GE SEACO in Britian and production lines with annual out put of 1000 sets of IMO tank container.

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